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Lovefield Wireless helps leaders to innovate and create. We build world-class products and assist the industry with product designs and technology transfers. We generate value for everything related to digital systems by offering solid know-how, experience, and networking with the scientific community.

Lovefield Wireless covers business development, prototyping, scientific research, and innovation. Current projects target smart living, entertainment, telecom, and semiconductor industries, as well as consumer electronics with toys and games. Our objective is to deliver innovative technology prototypes (software, hardware, algorithms) together with a path towards commercial exploitation.

We are a member of the Themed Entertainment Association. Lovefield Wireless follows a thorough code of conduct in all of its activities to guarantee world-class excellence in a global business environment.

Internet of Toys
Internet of Things: Digital "Internet of Toys" and Wearables, Radio and Optical (Visible Light) Communication, Standards
Connected Industry
Connected Industry 4.0: Digital Future, Smart Grid, Utilities, Telecom, Standards and Regulation, IEEE 802, Wi-Fi Aliance, 5G
Hospitality and Entertainment
Hospitality and Entertainment: Themed Entertainment Association, Data Analytics and Crowd Simulation
Digital Identity
Digital Identity: Token Management, Permissioned Blockchains, Security and Trust

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